Sustainability Training

Improve your company’s expertise in sustainability and social responsibility topics through our in-house and public training

SR Asia Indonesia recognizes that a lot of companies are still at the initial phase of understanding sustainability and social responsibility concept, standards, and principles. SR Asia Indonesia offers both public and in-house training programs to support private sectors to understand more about sustainability and how they can be more sustainable in strategic ways.

Corporate Strategy & Reporting

  1. Introduction to sustainability and social responsibility
  2. Stakeholder engagement management
  3. ISO 26000 adoption and developing sustainability strategy (Blueprint)
  4. Developing credible sustainability or integrated report
  5. Preparing for assurance

Social Performance & Measurement Series

  1. Community development based on ISO26000
  2. Social return on investment (SROI)
  3. Measuring community development initiative against SDGs indicators (SDGs Mapping)
  4. Business and human rights
  5. Social mapping and stakeholder analysis
  6. Program impact assessment and community satisfaction index

Sustainable Finance

  1. Implementing sustainable finance in the organization (POJK 51, Indonesia only) 
  2. Introduction to sustainability reporting for financial services organization (SR for SF)
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