Founded in 2011, Social Responsibility (SR) Asia is a networking organisation of professionals in sustainability and social responsibility based in Asian countries. SR Asia is headquartered in India and has active operating organizations in Indonesia and Bangladesh. Our footprints can also be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Fiji, Japan, and other Asian countries.

​SR Asia activities, depending on the needs of respective countries, are to carry out community projects, social mapping and impact assessment, develop sustainability strategies and blueprints, conduct workshops and studies, assist adherence to ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility, sustainability report assurance, and other activities related to sustainability and social responsibility issues.

SR Asia Indonesia is a networking organization that supports the companies to adopt and implement sustainability and social responsibility principles and standards. In Indonesia, SR Asia provides sustainability report and integrated report assurance services and capacity building programs as the main activities. SR Asia is a member of UN Global Compact Indonesia Network and an AA1000 License Provider with a register number of 000-174. Therefore, its assurance service follow the AA1000 Series of Standards and Principles.

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